What Students Say

What Students Say About Us

Virginia CartaVirginia_Carta

My name is Virginia Carta, I studied at Abivet between 2008-2010 and I have to admit that the course I attended totally met my expectations. Teachers have always answered my questions! Classes were very interesting and so were explanations. During my internship I had the opportunity to learn and practise lots of useful techniques which helped me in my everyday job and made the Veterinarian I worked with very proud of me. I would definitely do that again, as this is a great job and every effort is rewarded. Thanks Abivet for this wonderful course!

Virginia Carta

Claudia Mei

I’ve always wanted to take care of animals and Abivet has been the first step of a long educational path which made my dreams come true. I decided to study at Abivet mainly because the school is accredited by Acovene and it is fully recognised abroad. My goal has always been to go to London and work there. I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse registered to the Veterinary Nurse Register in England. I currently have a permanent job in a hospital, where I work in Surgery and Pharmacy wards. I want to thank Abivet, which is a professional, well-organised and stimulating school. I rec-ommend it to anyone interested in a career as a Veterinary Nurse.

Claudia Mei

Rossella Mannamanna_rossella

The two-year course I attended at Abivet has been a great experience. I’ve learnt how to deal with animals and I managed to make my dreams come true.Two months after the end of that course I found a job and I’ve never stopped since then. I am grateful to my teachers and to everyone has made this possible.

Rossella Manna

Silvia Boscolo

I chose this two-year course for Veterinary Technicians recognised by the Federation of Italian Pro-fessional Veterinary Associations (ANMVI) and accredited by Acovene (www.acovene.eu) be-cause it offered an internship. At that time I used to study and work part-time at a shopping centre. Studying at Abivet turned out to be a great choice as I currently live and work in London. I love my job and I believe one of the most important thing in order to be satisfied with your life is to turn your passion into a job.

Silvia Boscolo